When My Mum Passed Away

Judi Farrell – “My mother was ready to cross over. She had been unconscious for two days and we knew it wouldn’t be long.

My husband had been sitting with Mum for a couple of hours, so I could rest and as he had to get up for work, (we had our own business at the time). I sat through the night with Mum. About 4.00am I felt someone come into the room and saw a shadow cross over Mum’s bed. Looking around, I expected to see my husband, but there was no-one in the room. I realized there could be no shadow over Mum and I, from anyone coming into the room, as the light was in front of me on the bedside table next to the wall.

I had been so scared of seeing Mum pass away. She had been the only parent I had since the age of 5 when my father passed over. So we were very close. But after this presence, which I now know was an angel, I felt such peace and I lost all my fears.

Mum passed over about 7.30am and as soon as she drew her last breath, I felt the angel leave.

She was escorted to the spirit world and the presence of that angel helped me so much. It took me years to actually realize the angels were what I needed in my life, but looking back and remembering, I always was aware they were with me.”