Signs From The Angels

Fiona Grant – “I was extremely busy, but needed to buy some snacks for my trip to London the next day.

The thought popped into my mind, whilst driving, to stop at the local health food shop. Suddenly a car pulled in front of me. To my amazement I noticed that its number plate contained my initials, FG. To me this signalled that my thought was guidance from the angels.

I decided to double-check that this was indeed guidance from the angels. So I asked them to give me another sign.

The health food shop was in a small shopping arcade, which was on a very busy road, and it was often difficult if not impossible to get a parking space. I told myself and the angels that I’d only stop if I found a parking space near to the arcade. The space appeared and I parked my car. Was this another sign from the angels?

Upon exiting the shop, after buying my snacks for the next day, I noticed a small white feather in the doorway of the shop, and another one just outside this shop in the arcade. The feathers had not been there when I entered the shop, only a few minutes earlier! Here was another potent sign from the angels.”