My Prayers Were Answered

Linda Werner – “I received a phone call from one of my sisters in Cumbria, where I am originally from, to say my mother of 82 wasn’t very well.

Obviously I was extremely worried and as I live in the south of England, it was suggested that I try to go up and see her. I quickly arranged to rent a cottage just down the road from her, and went up. She did indeed look poorly, so I saw her everyday and cooked her a meal and saw that she was ok. Whilst staying in this cottage and seeing her deteriorate, I prayed to my angels for the strength to cope with the situation. Two days later I was guided to a place on the veranda of the cottage, and there waiting for me was a white feather. The significance to me was abundantly clear, my prayers had been answered. Two weeks later my mother was taken into hospital and has since recovered quite well for a woman of 82. She is being cared for, in turn, by my sisters and I can now relax in the comfort that she is ok.”