My Nan’s Guardian Angel in Photo

Fiona O’Dowd – “I found an angel image on my Nan’s photo after she had passed over. It has revamped my whole life.

My only sadness in it is I didn’t see it until after she passed over – would’ve loved to have shown her the photo too! I have studied the picture so many times trying to figure out a logical explanation, but the truth of the matter is I have no explanation….it is a cotton pillow, and I’ve tried to create a reflection on a pillow since seeing this and I can’t…

I had the photo’s developed straight away after a visit with her in August 2007, which was approx 4 months before she passed over. I’d had one of the series of pictures on the fridge the whole time, but it wasn’t until after she was gone (after I came back from her funeral) that I actually noticed her angel on the picture. We had about 4 photo’s taken the day of that visit with her, and it is in each of them.

It brings me much comfort to know she was so closely watched over. She’d suffered a major stroke and was bedridden for over 12 months, with failing speech and for a very proud lady like her, was intolerable to begin with. But she seemed to reach acceptance at some point, and peace, so I guess she was aware then of her spirit world much more so.

I enjoy sharing her blessing. The photo can be seen on YouTube