My Guardian Angel Saved My Life

Nadije Salsgiver – “One day I was at work. I worked in a hospital in the Medical Records Department, where I pull Medical records for the Physicians on staff.

While working at my desk, I kept feeling this presence on my right hand side. I could feel it very strongly and kept asking who it was. I didn’t get an answer, but kept on feeling like something was near me. My first thought was maybe it was a patient that had passed away as this was a hospital and it was possible, but still no answer came. This went on for almost an hour, where I could still feel this presence near me. Then a co-worker walked into the room and put a chart on my desk and was asking me a question, as soon as I stood up to speak with her, the Huge cabinet that was directly above my desk came crashing down, medical charts went flying everywhere. The cabinet had caught me on the shoulder pushing me against the other side of the room, my co-worker was screaming for help.

It was very scary especially because if I had still been sitting at my desk that Huge cabinet would’ve surely have killed me. I truly feel that this was my Guardian Angel trying to get my attention and get me away from my desk and when I didn’t it sent in a co-worker to get me away from where I was sitting to avoid being hit.”