My First Angelic Encounter

Evie Fay – “I was visiting a friend in Bristol, who arranged for me to go and see her Reiki healer, as I had been complaining of having sciatica. The healer had a small, but thriving business.

I went in to see the healer together with my friend. The healer attended my friend first, and told me to stand with arms by my side. I stood, somewhat confused as to what would happen next. Having stood silently for a few minutes I realised that I was slowly moving to the left. My feet were still in the same position, but the top half of my torso was moving. It came to the point it was very uncomfortable, and I questioned the healer as to what was happening. She said not to worry that they were helping me. I then noticed I was now moving back the other way. This time I was turned to the right as far as my upper body would go. Then my body returned to its original position. At that moment I felt a huge presence behind me, and I was encompassed in a feeling of complete and utter love. I have never felt this feeling before. It was more than love. I felt light and as though I was being held in loving arms. The healer said ‘Oh, look her angel is with her.’

I then had my Reiki treatment. I went to Bristol with sciatica and came back without it.

It was such a wonderful experience, that 6 years ago I studied to do my Reiki I, II and III Masters degrees. The Angel that tended me that day over 6 years ago I am sure, instigated this. I believe it was my destiny for it to happen as it did, to guide me on the spiritual path that I had spent many years before trying to find.”