I found my special Angel in a Crisis

Jo Nelson – “Bob, my husband had a massive heart attack and mini stroke.

I was there to give him CPR, because when I heard a thump in the bedroom and quickly went in to look I knew he was dead from his eyes. My wonderful Angel Archangel Michael spoke to me and told me ‘to be calm and not to panic’ and I suddenly went very calm and knew to phone 999. I started CPR that I had learned from the BBC when I was on 999 Roadshow they ran, though it had been 25 years, I still remembered what to do. I told the guy on the phone and he asked what I was doing, I said I was putting him in the recovery position because I couldn’t see his tongue, it lolled out so was told to put him on his back and check back of throat, liquid there but he was still not breathing, you now only do one mouth to mouth and 30 compressions so did that. The Paramedics were there in 4 minutes and told me I had started his heart.

I thanked my Angel and all my angels for keeping me calm. I was calm all day and knew that he was seriously ill. He was resuscitated 3 times and on life support machine for 6 days. Though he is still very poorly I have him home and I am nursing him, but my Angels are still there with me helping me to cope. I am usually so hysterical when any of my family have been hurt, but not when it mattered most.”