I Asked & the Angels Answered

Judi Farrell – “Last year I was living on my own, having left a very abusive marriage, and I couldn’t even afford to have the home phone connected.

I was watching TV one morning, before I headed off to college, and on the morning show they had a competition with a prize of a laptop computer, free wireless broadband for 12 months and two nights holiday in Perth, Australia.

As soon as I heard the prize I told the Angels I needed that prize!

I jotted down the word you needed to send in and headed off. At lunch time I suddenly remembered the competition. So I sent off the required text message and again promptly forgot about the whole thing.

That afternoon about 4.45pm I had a call on my mobile phone. Puzzled as to why someone from Sydney was ringing me I answered. It was a call to tell me I had won the prize! You have no idea what that meant to me. I was doing a computer course and now I could do my homework, I could send and receive emails, I had the internet, free for 12 months, and a holiday!

They even let my son and daughter-in-law take the holiday as I couldn’t afford to go. My son and daughter-in-law had welcomed me into their home for 6 months while I pulled myself together. So I was able to repay their kindness in a small way.

How wonderful to know my Angels were and are looking after me!”