Feather Cloud

Fabienne Clarke – “This day was special for me as it was my birthday; my step-daughter was just about to leave after having popped in to drop off my present.

The sky was a vivid blue and it had been a lovely bright day; we both looked up, as we were commenting how gorgeous the day had been when we were suddenly speechless: there it was, this huge white cloud in the shape of a feather, utterly perfect, as if it had been drawn with the most perfect paintbrush, such an impressive contrast of white on vivid blue… We were just so mesmerised, we both just stood there before I thought that I should take a picture of it; as I had only just used the camera to take a few birthday snaps a few moments earlier, I dashed in the entrance; by the time I took the photos, it had started to fade a little, lost a bit of its precision, but it is still amazing. What a very special birthday treat…. Thank You Angels!

Bottom right of the photo, you can the corner of the roof.