Ex-policeman and Earth Angel, Or Incarnated Angel?

Anonymity requested – “Early one evening, my husband and I were driving on the US41 highway, in Florida. Suddenly a car pulled out from a side road, straight in front of us. My husband immediately slammed on the brakes. But there was no time for the brakes to take effect, and we hit the rear of the other car. We were both absolutely shaken by this experience.

When we were able, we approached the couple in the other car, who immediately apologised. But then they became aggressive, and said as we’d rear-ended their car, we were at fault. Just then another car stopped and pulled in behind us. A man got out of the car, and walking over to us, said, ‘I saw everything that happened.’ He then went on to describe the accident in detail, and stated that the accident was not our fault. It turned out he had been driving behind us, and had come back to see if he could be of any assistance.

He further added ‘I’m an ex-police officer, and if you want a witness, call me at anytime.’

This caused the other couple to rescind their statement that the accident had been our fault.

Upon examining the car damage, we were amazed to see only a very slight mark on our bumper, whereas the back of the other car was badly damaged.

Both my husband and I believe that the angels sent our ‘witness’.

Whenever I undertake a car journey I always ask the angels to help and ensure that no harm comes to me and my loved ones, and also that we do no harm.”