Legal Disclaimer

Under UK law, we are required to inform you that we are a Spiritualistic Service Provider, and that our services have either not been scientifically proven to exist or do not conform to the accepted “norm” of society at present. Therefore you should understand that you seek the said services of your own free will. As a question of faith and trust in the service we provide we ask you to consider your own mental state when undertaking the service. If you feel you are personally vulnerable, are currently undergoing medical treatment for a mental health issue or taking antidepressants you should consult with a friend or family member and seek medical advice as to whether this service is suitable for you. Please understand that you are paying for our time at the agreed amount and not for any actual or perceived results or outcomes. Furthermore the service we give can be described as subjective and under no circumstance should you act directly upon any advice given without first making a personal choice as to the validity of any such advice. Remember you have personal responsibility for the actions in your own life. By engaging in a reading or other spiritual service you are agreeing to these terms and confirming that you are over the age of 18 years.