Peace and Quiet – Ask the Angels

Fiona Grant – “I selected my seat of choice in the virtually empty train carriage. [Read more…]

Angel of the Duvet!

Norma Clarke – “I brought a double duvet from a UK department store, and my husband had asked me to buy a specific one. As their store policy didn’t allow exchange on bedding, I was hoping that I’d brought the right one. [Read more…]

Ex-policeman and Earth Angel, Or Incarnated Angel?

Anonymity requested – “Early one evening, my husband and I were driving on the US41 highway, in Florida. Suddenly a car pulled out from a side road, straight in front of us. My husband immediately slammed on the brakes. But there was no time for the brakes to take effect, and we hit the rear of the other car. We were both absolutely shaken by this experience. [Read more…]

An Encounter with an Earwig’s Guardian Angels

Fiona Grant – “One day I walked into my lounge and noticed an insect scurrying across my carpet. I immediately decided to use my handy insect catching device, a plastic food container with lid! [Read more…]