An Angel of a Day

Fabienne Clarke – “I started the day by trying to order some pain relief cream on the phone, as it comes by mail order, for my Mum who lives in France; it seems to be the only one which helps, and I had been putting it off or forgetting and she was at the end of her last tube! [Read more…]

An Angelic Sale

Fabienne Clarke – “The first weekend we put our house on the market, we got an offer but it was too low to make it worth our while moving; then came a second, which was higher, but still off the mark by £5,000. [Read more…]

Signs From The Angels

Fiona Grant – “I was extremely busy, but needed to buy some snacks for my trip to London the next day. [Read more…]

On The Radio

Fiona Grant – “Early one morning I received an unexpected phone call from a regional radio station asking if I’d like to be interviewed on this morning’s show. [Read more…]

An Angelic Reminder

Fiona Grant – “I don’t know about you but as I lay my head down to sleep at night, sometimes ideas and items that I need to action the following day start popping into my head, and I normally extremely reluctantly get out of bed to write the item(s) down. [Read more…]

Cloud Angel Sign

Fiona Grant – “One evening, I opened my front door to take my rubbish out, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. [Read more…]

Butterfly Angel Sign

Fiona Grant – “One morning I sat down in my chair, which I had placed so that it looked out over my back garden, and started to get ready for my morning meditation. [Read more…]

I Asked & the Angels Answered

Judi Farrell – “Last year I was living on my own, having left a very abusive marriage, and I couldn’t even afford to have the home phone connected. [Read more…]

I Believe In Angels

Machaell Mayers – “My Dad, just back from Iraq, where he was leading his group through gun fire and bombs, when a bomb came down and hit all but 3 of the men. [Read more…]

When My Mum Passed Away

Judi Farrell – “My mother was ready to cross over. She had been unconscious for two days and we knew it wouldn’t be long. [Read more…]