A Thousand Angels

Amy Smith – “I had been working in retail for 5 years and knew that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do with my life. Even so I was shocked and upset when my contract came to an end and my employer was unable to offer me a new one. [Read more…]

Sleeping with the Help of the Angels

Fiona Grant – “In the middle of the night I woke up from a nightmare. [Read more…]

You Are Not Alone

Fiona Grant – “I returned home from the dentist where I’d had a root canal, and with the news that the cyst above that tooth looked promising, but it would have to be checked out in another 6 months time to determine whether I needed an operation to have it removed! [Read more…]

Angel Cloud

Anonymity requested – “Photo of a cloud in the shape of an angel, in an otherwise cloudless sky. [Read more…]

Saved By The Angels

Anonymity requested – “My husband and I were walking at a place we had visited many times before – a natural beauty spot called Randolph’s Leap, in Morayshire, near Forres (Scotland, UK). [Read more…]

Angelic Childbirth

Anonymity requested – “I was giving birth to my twin boys. I already had 3 daughters (born normally) and so knew what I was doing but the labour was not getting anywhere and after 12 hours I was still only 1.5 dilated. [Read more…]

My Prayers Were Answered

Linda Werner – “I received a phone call from one of my sisters in Cumbria, where I am originally from, to say my mother of 82 wasn’t very well. [Read more…]

I Prayed For Guidance

Linda Werner- “One day things just hadn’t gone right, and I wasn’t feeling that well, being concerned about a problem with my ear. [Read more…]

Angel House

Sue Buddy – “As I went round my home doing some house work, I found white feathers all around my house! [Read more…]

My Nan’s Guardian Angel in Photo

Fiona O’Dowd – “I found an angel image on my Nan’s photo after she had passed over. It has revamped my whole life. [Read more…]