3 Myths About the Angels by Fiona Grant

As well as these being 3 myths, we could also think about them as being 3 inner beliefs. Myths 1 and 2 were definitely inner beliefs that I used to hold. For a long time I didn’t consciously realise that I subconsciously believed myths 1 and 2, and those were acting as blocks to me allowing the Angels to help me.

Myth 1 – You have to be a “good” person for the Angels to help you.
Myth 2 – If you ask the Angels for help, you are taking that help away from someone else.
Myth 3 – It is important to believe in the Angels for them to help you.

Let’s take each of these myths one at a time.

Myth 1 – You have to be a “good” person for the Angels to help you.
The Angels do not judge us, they accept us exactly as we are, they love us exactly as we are. The Angels do not label us “good” or “bad”. It is us human beings who label ourselves, or we’ve taken on board the labels that other human beings have put on us. The Angels will help us regardless of what we label ourselves. When we ask the Angels for help they see the full picture of us and our lives, and help and guide us in a way that takes all of that into account including our free will. The Angels would never harm or manipulate anyone in any way, they are 100% incapable of doing so. These are beings of pure 100% love and pure 100% light.

Myth 2 – If you ask the Angels for help, you are taking that help away from someone else.
The Angels are infinite beings and can be with anyone who calls on them for help simultaneously. For example, if every single human being on the planet called on Archangel Michael for help at exactly the same time, he’d be with them all simultaneously. Although Archangel Michael shows himself to us in human form, he is not a human being, he is pure infinite energy, the energy of pure divine love and light. And so it is the infinite energy that is Archangel Michael that is with all those that call on him simultaneously, like with all Angels.

Myth 3 – It is important to believe in the Angels for them to help you.
The Angels believe in you 100%. They will help you regardless of whether or not you believe in them. They will help you regardless of whether or not you believe in some sort of higher power or not.

When through your own personal experiences with the Angels, you discover that they are in fact 100% real, then this will take your relationship and experience of them to a whole new level. That was certainly the case for me.

And one final thing, it is the Angels absolute joy and honour to be of service to you in all ways, with things you consider big and things you consider small. For as they said to me, when we ask the Angels for help it is as if we are giving them the most beautiful amazing gift ever.

Why the Angels Don’t Always Help Us Immediately by Fiona Grant

As human beings we want Angelic help to come instantly, and I do this to, when I’m in physical pain I want Angelic help to come immediately and give me instant pain relief, but through the Angels helping me in my life I have realized that having the help come instantly doesn’t always serve me the best.

For example, if back in 2018 when I’d asked the Angels to help me with losing weight due to my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and in the next instance that weight was gone, it wouldn’t just be a shock to my system physically, energetically and emotionally, but dependent upon my inner blocks and resistances, (the majority of which were subconscious and running without my conscious awareness), direct Angelic intervention would have overridden my subconscious free will, and would not have dealt with those inner blocks and resistances that were running within me. (Please don’t worry the Angels are 100% incapable of overriding our free will, conscious or subconscious, and have absolutely no desire or wish to do so.)

Back in February 2018 I weighed over 5 stone heavier than I weigh today. Apart from the severe shock to my body, emotions and energy if the Angels had directly intervened and I’d instantly lost the weight, because all my subconscious blocks and resistances would have still been running, I would have quickly put all the weight back on.

Many of you have probably heard of the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In an Angel Workshop I was running, a participant asked why it was that she was following the instructions in this book, and had written out a cheque in her name, with the amount she wished to receive, etc, and she put it where she could see it every day, and focused on believing and feeling that she had that money now, but instead of this making things better for her, it made everything worst, so she stopped doing it, and she wondered why that had happened. Although with her mind she was consciously thinking, I have this money now, and telling herself to believe it, underneath in her subconscious and energy system were completely resisting this, and going no way, no how. And the dominant energy of this for her was her subconscious and energy system which was resisting even stronger than her conscious thoughts, and drawing to her that which she was experiencing at that time with her situation worsening.

So if the Angels did always help us immediately and override our free will, including what was going on in our subconscious and energy system, then in the next instance it would be as if their help never happened, as our inner subconscious programming would revert us back to how we were before the override. Instead the Angels guide us step by step to co-create the answer to our Angel prayer, which honours and takes into account our inner subconscious programming.

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