Angelic Childbirth

Anonymity requested – “I was giving birth to my twin boys. I already had 3 daughters (born normally) and so knew what I was doing but the labour was not getting anywhere and after 12 hours I was still only 1.5 dilated.

I was adamant that I did not want a Caesarean and the junior registrar stated that this was now the only option for me. He suggested I put a prayer in for help.

As they gowned up I put out the most intense prayer for help (utter desperation does help!) and immediately experienced a vast contraction. I told the consultant I wanted to push and the midwives suggested that this was not possible, checked and looked amazed. In the one contraction I had indeed dilated from 1.5cm to the full 10cms and we were now ready to push on – literally! Both the boys were born normally and were healthy and well.

I immediately knew that I had received intervention from my guardian angel and gave thanks for the intervention.

After they had been born one of the midwives told me that my junior registrar had recently been on a course – independently from the NHS – for spiritually aided childbirth and I was his first case since he had returned to work! He was highly thought of by all the staff there and I later heard that he was a consultant and continuing to practise the techniques he had learnt. He was a very beautiful soul following his divine life purpose.”