Angel on my Glass

S. Bryer – “I was due to have a complete hysterectomy and I was informed that I might also lose part of my bowel as a big mass was attached. They would also need to test the mass to see if it was cancerous.

Before my operation I was at home feeling so very scared and worried. I called on the angels and asked them to give me a sign. As I looked down at the glass of water I was drinking I saw a solid angel shape on my clear glass tumbler. The angel was so prominent that I felt comforted and thought I would be fine.

At the hospital during the night I saw a star in the sky and thought to myself if I see 3 stars then I know I’ll be fine. I saw one star, then a second and then a third appeared.

After the operation the surgeon reported that the mass came out easily so my bowel was untouched. And he thought it didn’t look cancerous. This proved to be the case as later tests showed that all tests on the mass were negative.

Thank you angels. This proved to me that the angels are real.”