Angel of the Duvet!

Norma Clarke – “I brought a double duvet from a UK department store, and my husband had asked me to buy a specific one. As their store policy didn’t allow exchange on bedding, I was hoping that I’d brought the right one.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the correct duvet. When I spoke to the store they said that it was highly unlikely that I’d be able to change it, but I could bring it in if I wished.

So I found myself once again at this store, with a duvet. But this time my husband was with me. It was a Saturday, and the store was extremely busy. There were long queues in the bedding department. Suddenly down the side stairs a man appeared. His presence and vibrations were so overwhelmingly angelic. He looked like a little cherub. He was fairly stocky, bald, and he had the most beautiful loving open face.

He came straight over to us, and asked if he could help. I explained that I’d brought the wrong duvet. He immediately took the duvet from me, not even opening the box, and asked me which one I wanted instead. Once I’d selected the new duvet, he handed it over to me. I felt so peaceful and calm, just being in his space.

As I looked round to thank him, and leave, he had disappeared.

Every time I go into this store, I look for him, but I’ve never seen him since, my Angel of the Duvet. I’ll never forget him.”