Angel Beside My Bed

Anonymity requested – “Back when I was 14, I was going through a ‘difficult’ moment that involved losing a very special person in my life, because he was moving away.

I was very upset and just really spiteful towards him for this. One night I went to bed, crying and so angry for the way things were happening and so sad for the way things were turning out. In the middle of the night, I woke up and was choking, as I laid there coughing, trying to catch my breath, beside my bed there stood this beautiful lady that shone with such a brightness through her and around her. She was so peaceful and beautiful, long dark hair and a soothing voice as she spoke to me. I was still choking as I looked at her, trying to comprehend who she was yet not at all feeling ‘worried’ that someone was in my room with me. As I looked at her, I could see the tips of her wings behind her back and felt the coolness of refreshing essence around her as she reached out to touch my head. It was like a Light was shining from her very body, I tried to reach up to touch her but don’t remember being able to move. She though stroked my hair and told me ‘Everything will be okay, go back to sleep’.

As she was with me, I was no longer choking, so I began to speak to her, asking her who she was, what was happening, she though smiled at me and began to stroke lightly at my eyes to close them, whispering to me, ‘Go to sleep now Katherine, everything will be okay’. It was like I was under a spell, trying to remain awake because I wanted to talk to her. Her beauty and such Love, I was so at peace. Yet i fell asleep.

In the morning when I woke up, I went to find my momma and asked her if she was in my room the night before, even though I remembered the angel I had seen, a part of me thought maybe I had just dreamt it and it was really my mother. She though told me her version of the night before. She said that she had been in the living room when she heard me. She got up and began to hurry to my room to check on me because she could hear me choking. On the way to my room, the choking was getting louder and harder, then she heard me speaking to someone, trying to talk. However, she said once she got inside my room, I was peacefully sleeping again, and she stayed with me for a few minutes to make sure I was okay because she was concerned after hearing me coughing and what sounded like me choking from not breathing normally. As I heard her telling me what she heard outside my room, I sat there knowing that I had just gotten to see my guardian angel and I felt sooo thankful for that moment. It was like such a gift. Over the years, I have often wondered if I would ever get to see her again, yet in my Heart, I still feel her stroking my hair at times when I can’t sleep and I curl up and ask her to help me relax, which I thought was really something when she stroked my hair and eyes, for everyone knows if you want me to calm down to sleep, play with my hair or as our mothers will do, stroke my eyes lightly and we all become children again.”