An Encounter with an Earwig’s Guardian Angels

Fiona Grant – “One day I walked into my lounge and noticed an insect scurrying across my carpet. I immediately decided to use my handy insect catching device, a plastic food container with lid!

Once I had located this device I made my way back into the lounge. Before approaching the insect, which was an earwig, I asked my guardian angels to speak to the earwig’s guardian angels. And let it know that I wished it no harm, and simply wanted to take it outside.

As I made my way towards the insect it stopped scurrying, and stood as if frozen in place. I placed my insect catching device in front of it, but it still stood unmoving.

I again asked my angels to speak to the earwig’s angels, at which point it scurried into the container. It remained motionless whilst I took it outside, and placed the container on the ground. Once again I asked my angels to speak to its angels, and then it scurried out of the container and on its way.

To me this demonstrates that when you are having difficulty communicating with another being, e.g. insect or human etc.! You can ask your angels to speak to the other being’s guardian angels to aid in your communication process.”