An Angelic Reminder

Fiona Grant – “I don’t know about you but as I lay my head down to sleep at night, sometimes ideas and items that I need to action the following day start popping into my head, and I normally extremely reluctantly get out of bed to write the item(s) down.

In the past when I haven’t written these ideas/items down I’ve completely forgotten about them upon awakening the following morning.

One night after I’d made myself completely comfortable in preparation for going to sleep, an idea suddenly popped into my mind, and instead of getting up, I decided to call upon the angels for help instead. So I asked the angels to ensure that I remembered the idea upon awakening the following morning. And when I awoke the following morning, the idea from the night before immediately popped into my mind. Thank you angels!

So now whenever I need to remember anything, and a paper and/or pen isn’t handy I call upon the angels to act as my angelic reminders.”