An Angel of a Day

Fabienne Clarke – “I started the day by trying to order some pain relief cream on the phone, as it comes by mail order, for my Mum who lives in France; it seems to be the only one which helps, and I had been putting it off or forgetting and she was at the end of her last tube!

So I felt pretty bad when I was told that they had run out of stock, and were awaiting a delivery from the States, but were not too sure when it would be available next. That day was Wednesday 3rd October, and it is normally on a Wednesday that I write to my Mum so that she gets something in her letterbox for the weekend. I then remembered that a herbalist who lives up the road might have some spare tubes, as he stocks the products in question and he did! So I went to collect them! And waiting there for a short while, a magazine caught my attention: just about every article in there seemed to have been written for me, answering some of my questions (one about how to use crystals for healing, when only a few days ago, I was told by a medium that I had to learn how to use them once I had started my Reiki training; one about Angelic Reiki, which seemed fantastic, and above all, a seminar in Egypt on the subject, which means a lot to me for spiritual and personal reasons) and some other articles which had been written by various people I had heard of or actually met in the flesh. I have borrowed the magazine and will now get my own copy and subscribe to it. So off I went to the Post Office, stuffed my envelope with the two tubes of cream for my Mum, only to be told that the Postal Strike should be starting tomorrow and they could not guarantee my envelope would not get stuck in the backlog! By now, I have read so many Doreen Virtue books and met Fiona, that I had absolute faith that the angels would take care of it getting there on time!

And having spoken to my Mum on Sunday last, I can confirm that she did get her precious creams on Saturday, as she normally would! But the icing on the cake was when I was tapped on the shoulder by someone behind me in the queue…. it was Fiona!! Difficult to do any better! The whole day was just like that! Every time I had to park somewhere, someone would be leaving their spot as I pulled up!! Talk about ‘personal service’! It is difficult after a day like this to doubt or feel down anymore! I just felt so blessed and guided… and did find a white feather on my doorstep as I got home after a rather busy and what felt like a blessed day from start to finish.”