An Angel in Disguise

Anonymity requested – “It was a bright sunny, early August, afternoon, when a pigeon alighted on my outer balcony wall. I went out onto the balcony and spoke to the pigeon, and it just calmly looked at me.

Some hours later I checked again, and it was still sitting there, in exactly the same position. Both of its legs were ringed so my husband and I thought it must be a racing pigeon, taking a rest. I put some water and seeds on the balcony ledge. Looking out a few hours later, we saw it drinking and eating. Before going to bed that night we checked, and the pigeon was still there in the same position. At about 5am, the next morning, my husband noticed that the pigeon was still on our balcony. But when I got up at about 6am the pigeon had gone. On the balcony floor inside was a beautiful tiny downy pure white feather. I felt that it was the pigeon’s thank you for its overnight comfort stop. I truly felt an angel had visited us.”