Airport Angels

Anonymity requested – “Since September 11, 2001 security has been made much tighter at airports worldwide.

My husband and I were travelling internationally on a long-haul flight, and we were running late. On arrival at the airport my husband hared off to get a porter. But this took a while as initially they all seemed to have disappeared, and any he did find turned him down. Eventually he found a young porter who agreed to take our luggage to check-in. By this time my husband was highly agitated, as he still had to return the rental car. The young porter told my husband not to worry, to take the rental car back, and he would get us both checked-in. My husband said vastly relieved “Thank you, you’ve an angel”.

I was highly dubious of this working, as I knew that on check-in all parties are required to be there in person. I was completely amazed when our 4 large and heavy suitcases, my absence husband and I were all checked-in with no problem. I can only say that the angels were with, and helping us all the way. To my husband and I, the porter was definitely an angel in human form.”