A Strange But Beautiful Encounter

Stephen – “Before M.E. which took 4 years of my life, I was a journalist in Fleet Street and in radio and television.

I mention this because people like me don’t usually have the following experience…but I was asleep one afternoon in my study and I awoke in an unusual way. In those dark days of looking out at the world through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars, I would usually awake very slowly, bubbling and percolating my way back to consciousness, but that day I woke up with a start. It was about two years into my illness and I was at my lowest ebb.

I looked down and saw a beautiful foot in a gold sandal and a long robe of blue and white. I looked up to see an angel standing over me, arms outstretched. My father had seen the Angel of Mons so I guessed things must be pretty bad. The vision was lost in a column of light, then it gradually returned.

I did the only thing I knew how….I interviewed the angel.

‘Why are you here?’ I asked

‘I have always been with you.’ (came the reply).

‘Why can I see you now when I couldn’t before?’ (There was no question in my mind that I was hallucinating. I just knew this was the real deal.) The vibrations in the room had changed. I could feel and hear the energy.

‘Because others have decided that you should see me.’

‘Why?’ (The answer shook me rigid)

‘Because you’ve been given a second chance.’

Immediately, I asked: ‘What do your people want me to do?’

‘For now? Just to know that there will be work for you to do when you get better.’

‘What, sweeping the streets?’ (My sense of humour is terrible. I have this tendency towards being flippant when in a tight corner.)

‘No, not that. I can’t tell you what it is….that will be for you to discover but it will involve the skills you have acquired in your life.’

‘When will this work project start?’

‘In their time, not yours.’

We talked on about the state of the world and what the angels did and what we should do to co-operate with them. I kept looking at Haniel’s wings. They were so beautiful, like swansdown. She told me how I could contact her again. She held my hands. That was indescribably beautiful…then she said goodbye, which was a terrible parting.

I have had many meetings with her in the six years that followed although I never saw her so clearly as I did that afternoon…she is light…a column of golden light usually but her voice which I hear behind my ear rather than in it, if you know what I mean, is always the same.

It still hasn’t occured to me what I should be doing but any receptive and gentle soul I meet (i.e. people who won’t think I’m away with the fairies) I tell them as much of the story as I’ve told you…so maybe that’s it, I’m supposed to do… P.R. work for the angels.”