A Little White Feather – An Angelic Sign

Fiona Grant – “I had been working with the angels on releasing my fears and blocks, and they have led me to the full moon release ceremony as described by Steven Farmer in his book Sacred Ceremony.

I kept getting the message from the angels to make the time to do this release ceremony, but due to my fears (false guidance), I kept putting it off, until I decided to make a release ceremony appointment with myself! False guidance kept telling me to keep putting it off, but the voice of divine guidance told me to keep my appointment.

It was now a couple of days after the full moon, and it was a cool and extremely windy summer’s evening. Steven said in his book that it was best to do the release ceremony outside. The voice of fear kept speaking to me, but I listened to the voice of divine guidance, as I went outside to prepare the space for my release ceremony. And I was utterly amazed and delighted to see a small pure white feather on the back of one of my garden chairs.

The ceremony was difficult to complete, due to the extremely windy conditions, but incredibly that small white feather stayed on the back of that chair all throughout my ceremony, and as I closed the ceremony with a prayer of thanks, the feather blew away.”