This is the story how I overcame a 40 year long battle with my weight once and for all…

And how my excess weight threatened my health

My battle with weight started for me in my young teens. My body was different to all the other girls at school. I felt like a big, hulking elephant next to them. Which was confirmed, when my mum took me to Weight Watchers.

I emotionally ate my way through college. I remember going to MacDonald’s and ordering 2 big Macs with cheddar and 2 large fries. I prayed that they thought I was buying it for 2 people, and not just myself.

I hated having my photo taken. I felt ashamed of my body and how it looked. I’d do anything I could to avoid having my photo taken. And clothes shopping, what a nightmare. Another thing to be avoided at all costs.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous diets and I’ve even made up extremely restricted ones of my own! And although every time I always put the weight back on and more, I kept trying to lose weight again and again….

I remember going to bed hungry and imagining what I would eat if I could. I thought about food obsessively. The only way I could stick enough to a diet, between my emotional eating and binges, was to hate myself thin. I would never ever have talked to somebody else like I talked to myself. I said appalling, hateful things to myself to get myself to stick to a diet at all.

My wardrobe was full. It contained the clothes I was wearing, but it also contained the clothes I dreamed of getting back into. I hated the way I looked. So I avoided looking in the mirror. I dreamed of once again getting back into what society considered to be normal size clothing.

I compared the size and shape of my body to everyone else’s. I felt like a big fat loser who couldn’t keep the weight off. Apparently, all I needed was willpower. This made me feel awful and lacking as a human being. There must be something fundamentally wrong with me.

I finally reached the point where diets seemed completely pointless to me. So I decided to stop dieting and weighing myself. Then each year I put on more and more weight. My clothes sizes kept going up and up and up and up and up…

In February 2018 I was weighed by the NHS. I was shocked at how much I weighed. Then a bit later that year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My GP prescribed; losing weight; eating healthily; and living a healthy lifestyle. I was petrified of the possible consequences of having type 2 diabetes. I had to lose and keep the excess weight off. But this had been impossible for me to do.

How was I going to do that? Was this even possible for me? Was I doomed to suffer with weight related health issues as long as I lived?

Luckily for me previously, I’d had the opportunity to attend an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner Training course. EFT is also known as tapping. EFT rewires the circuits of the brain. It works with the emotional and psychological elements of an issue/problem. For example, physical pain, phobias, etc. I’d first come across EFT back in 2004. A friend was seeing a health practitioner who used EFT. I was highly sceptical about it, and as my friend demonstrated it to me, I remember thinking it looks so weird, I’d never ever do that! And here I was being led to doing EFT, crazy! But I thought, if it truly works, wow! So I did it, and I’m so glad and grateful that I did.

Fast forward to 2018. As part of my doctor’s prescription he offered me 12 weeks free at a slimming club. I was desperate to lose weight, so I joined. But I knew even IF I did lose weight, a weight loss diet alone wasn’t going to keep the weight off for me, it never had before. I needed to address what was underlying my weight issues and my relationship with food. And I now had EFT to do so.

In about a year and 4 months I lost over 5 stone (70 pounds). And I went down about seven clothe sizes.

When my cousin first saw me after this weight loss, she asked my mum, ‘Has Fiona had a boob job?’

Previously I’d had this need to eat bread every day for one of my meals. The desire, the need had been so strong within me that I hadn’t been able to ignore it. Suddenly I realised I hadn’t eaten bread for weeks, and I had absolutely no desire to go out, buy, and eat bread.

It was the similar for me with potatoes. When my sister asked me, ‘Have you been eating potatoes? I thought about it, and I realised I hadn’t eaten them for weeks, and it may even have been months. I hadn’t thought about them at all. Previously I’d have felt something vital was missing, if I didn’t have potatoes with my evening meal.

Previously if I had chocolate in my home, I’d eat it. This had also changed for me. I could buy and keep chocolate in my home without having to eat it, or if I did choose to eat some, then I didn’t have to eat it all. I was able to happily put it back in a draw and not think about it or obsess about it at all.

Before I used to have a strong desire to drink a whole bottle of white wine each night over my weekend. If I didn’t get to drink it, it felt like something was missing. But unexpectedly I found myself content with less. Which I diluted with sparkling water. And if I didn’t get to drink wine over the weekend, it didn’t bother me. Before I’d have felt this strong need to make up for the wine I hadn’t gotten to drink.

For me losing this weight has also given me more energy and stamina. My body moves easier, and I can move my body easier.

Being on my healthier eating plan, became the norm for me. It didn’t take any will power, or harsh and hateful words to myself to eat this way.

I even had two major life events happen during the time I was working on losing this weight. But neither of them derailed me from my healthier way of eating, like they would have certainly done in the past.

But there was one major life event which did temporarily derail me after I’d lost my weight. My mum died. I felt overwhelmed with seemingly never-ending grief. So I turned to my old familiar friends of food and white wine. In under 2 months, I put on nearly 2 stone (about 26 pounds). But unlike before, I had EFT to help me to return to my healthier eating plan. And I felt relief at returning to this way of eating. I lost the extra weight, and my clothes felt comfortable and no longer too tight.

I knew after this experience that I needed a little bit extra in my EFT toolkit. But I didn’t know what. Luckily, I was led to taking training in specialist tapping techniques for emotional eating, cravings, self-sabotage and unconscious blocks to weight loss. As part of this training, I received coaching myself. This was invaluable as it helped me to work through my blind-spots. And this time when my best friend died, my food experience was different. My grief only pushed my buttons to emotionally eat a small percentage of the time. Unlike after my mum died when I emotionally ate and overate everything 100% of the time for nearly 2 months. I only emotionally overate a bit of chocolate and I only did this 1.3% of the time.

And my experience with white wine was completely different this time. 99.99% of the time I didn’t emotionally drink at all.

Due to my diagnosis, I was so worried about the impact of my excess weight on the health of my physical body. I had to do the seemingly impossible for me, I had to lose weight and keep it off. Thankfully, I was led to the solutions. And now I’ve lost my weight and kept it off, I would absolutely love to help other women do the same.

I work with women one-to-one to help them to:

  • Stop 80 to 95% of emotional eating, binge eating, overeating and stress eating.
  • Eating healthily or healthier (their choice), becomes easy and normal for them. No will power required. No deprivation required.
  • Lose weight and keep it off. So that their weight is no longer an issue for their physical health.
  • Naturally keeping within a healthy weight range for them and their body. (Our body’s weight naturally fluctuates during our day and even weekly.)

This work isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for you if:

  • You only want a temporary quick fix.
  • This isn’t a priority for you.
  • You are not willing to do the deep work.

This work is for you, if:

  • You want a solution for the long term.
  • You no longer want your health to be affected by the weight of your body.
  • This is a priority for you.
  • You are willing to do the deep work.

To enable me to give you the level of support you need, I only work with a limited number of one-to-one clients. To have a conversation with me about your particular weight situation. And to make sure working with me is the right solution for you. I invite you to spend 60 minutes with me on a free Weight Loss Block Analysis Session. Where you’ll also discover some of the biggest unconscious obstacles that are stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off. And they’re not what you think they are. This is not about will power or what you eat.

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Video Testimonial by Peg
Video Testimonial by Michelle

I contacted Fiona about weight issues because I had been a member of Slimming World several times and never reached my target weight. After working with Fiona I was able to lose weight and reach my target – never managed that before.” Gill, Dorset, UK

Before I started working with Fiona I had quite an unhealthy relationship with food and I often used it to soothe any emotions, both negative and positive.  Food was my comfort and my reward.  The specific results I’ve achieved are an awareness of my thinking, which allows me to challenge my decision making and an ability to release unhelpful memories that trigger the need to use food as a comfort, so that I am able to make better choices for myself.  This makes me feel as if I am more in control of my eating, where before I felt as if food controlled me on some level.” Emma, Hampshire, UK

Since working with Fiona I’ve noticed I don’t reach for food as a coping strategy any more. I am eating more slowly and making better food choices. For me it was never about the weight. I felt out of control around food and feared for my health if I didn’t sort it out.” Samantha, Wiltshire, UK

Before I started working with Fiona I was not sure how tapping would help me, I was struggling to make progress in my weight loss. I am slowly losing weight (which is much better for me), I have techniques to help me not just for weight loss but for general life such as work stress, I understand some of my thought processes behind food and weight. And this makes me feel in control of my progress and the process. How I would describe Fiona as a practitioner is very empathetic, calm, serene and you feel so comfortable as Fiona takes you through the tapping. This is a great session via Zoom so you have comfort of your own home and no travel etc. What I would say to anyone who is thinking of working with Fiona is be prepared to put the effort in to support your progress. I would recommend Fiona, especially for people like myself who are (were) stuck in a yo-yo dieting situation. Fiona is a lovely person who you can trust to support you. Give it a go and try and commit to as many sessions as you can.” Sarah, Norfolk, UK

My weight has gone up and down since becoming a mum aged 27 years. I’ve slowly yo-yo-ed but it was when I stopped smoking 14 years ago, the weight crept up. Shockingly I was nearly 16 stone in 2019! I had been told in June of that year, that I was prediabetic – another shock! This was my turning point and I was determined to face my truth and tackle my weight problem. I tried myself to cut down on this and that, based on numerous diets I have tried over the years. But this never brought about the results I needed and I ended up believing there was something different about me and that I was unable to lose weight. I believed I needed to do the deeper emotional work with someone, or else I would never end this cycle. Fortunately, I came across Fiona. By the end of the programme with Fiona, I had lost 1.5 stone (21 lbs). I have since gone on to lose more weight, and I have nearly lost 2 stone. Even though I still have a few more stones to go, I feel more in control of my weight loss journey. I would definitely recommend Fiona, to help support you through your weight loss journey. I believe I wouldn’t be in this position had it not been for her help. Thank you Fiona x” Beatrice, UK

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